Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Heavy Favorites

Favorite Points for you!!!

I have found over 4500 different caches, but am still amazed with some of the caches and the containers when they are cool ones.
Check out this video link of a Cool Gadget Cache I found a couple weeks ago while in Agassiz to do a show.

Finding Favorite caches

In December when I was in Edmonton for Christmas and New Years, I grabbed a challenge cache called "Top 10 Challenge Cache" which sadly for a cool challenge cache of Top 10 favorites, it was only a magnetic light pole cache. (A favorite point can be rewarded to a cache by cachers if they feel it is a great cache)

But the challenge was a good one, it was to find the top 10 favorited caches within 20km of your home. I found and signed the log, but was unsure if I had found all of the caches need. When I got home I took a look and found there was still 4 that I needed to complete. I got the "CacheDuino" shortly after getting back from my trip and you can read about that adventure in a previous blog. The one cache on this list below called "Gold Star - Graduation Day Foundations" unfortunately is not just a simple multi. Nope, to do this cache you need to complete 10 other puzzle caches in a series to get several clues to be able to find the whereabouts of the cache and how to open it. So in other words to complete my "Top 10 Challenge" I have to find a total of 20 different caches. I started working on the 10 puzzles when I had time, and got a bit of help for a couple of them.

I started to grab all of the Gold Star caches, so I could work out the final co-ords to the multi. I got 7 of them one day, and the remaining 3 on the following day during the May long weekend.

On the last day of May, I had a day off, so I headed over to the final!! Here is my log from the cache:

     Well, today was the day. In December when I was in Edmonton for Christmas, I found a challenge cache that you had to find the 10 most favorited caches within 20km from your home location. I have already found several of them, but this cache was one of those that I needed, but as you know to get this cache you need to find 10 other puzzle caches to find all the info to get this one. Which basically meant I had to find 20 caches before I can log the challenge cache in Edmonton. I have been picking away at the puzzles over the past few months, and finally got them all solved. I then proceeded to find them over a couple of days, while collecting all the clues in them. Almost didn't find one and was about to bail on it, but did one more search further away than the Co-ords and made the find. With a bit of help from another caching friend, I deciphered the remaining clues, did all the math and got the final cords and the codes. Today I took a day off, and thought I would go make the find. When I got there, the GPS and my phone app took me away from the cache site as I was almost on top of the cache. Finally back on track, and looking a bit harder I saw the little bugger(actually quite a big bugger)(See pic)
I retrieved the container but then had to work out the field puzzle. It took me a bit, but finally came up with the right answer.
PS It is mixed, so no spoiler!!
Got the log book and signed it. Took some pics for my upcoming blog and put it all back together. Covered in white fluffy cottonwood fluff by this time(I am allergic to it) I headed back towards my car. I headed off to another of the caches that I needed for the challenge and after grabbing that one, I only have one left to get, so I can log a cache I signed over 5 months ago. Because of this log, I also completed May's challenge on "The Monthly GeoChallenge of the Month" Faceboog page on the last day of the month. Thanx again for this awesome cache and the fun and challenge it was to finally find it.

So with one more heavily favorited cache to find, my little boy and I went Sunday morning to Science World to check out the Pixar Exhibit. On the way home we decided to stop and grab the cache called "In-Tree-Ging"  (Video was filmed by Oliver)

I was finally able to log the cache I found in Edmonton back in December. The sad thing was that after all these heavily favorited caches, that had to be found to log the challenge, the container was a simple magnetic cache on a lamp post. Pretty lame for a challenge that asks you to find some very cool caches. I actually thought about not logging it, and searching out another Challenge cache that is similar.
Well, I am not sure where my next adventure will take me, but in August I will be heading off to a couple of Magic conventions in Las Vegas and Bakersfield, California. I will also be heading to Hollywood and the Magic Castle. Although I will be pretty busy with show and magic lectures, I have already planned out which caches I will be trying to grab while there. Mostly some more virtuals, several cool ones, and hopefully some heavy favorited caches!!

Well, that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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