Thursday, 5 October 2017

Virtuals and upcoming geotrip!!

Early Morning caching

Started working on another series, that I have been doing on the way to work in the morning. The final is called AC13: End of the Line (AC stands for Arbutus Corridor)
The Arbutus Corridor was created in 1901 when CP Rail began construction of their rail line known as the Marpole Spur, which ran from False Creek to Port Coquitlam.  BC Electric Railway (which became BC Hydro) used the Marpole Spur for passenger service (1905—1954) and for freight service until 1985. Then CP took over the line until June 2001, when its final freight customer, Molson Brewery, started receiving malt and barley ingredients by truck rather than by rail.
There is 12 caches with clues inside the lid or on the log book. Once you have all the clues you can calculate where the 13th and final cache of the series is. I only found 10 of the 12 but had enough info to work out the puzzle.

Recently I also finished another series called FSS - Fraser Street Series. I only found 6 of the nine caches to gain enough info to find the final 10th cache. Not quite sure why I don't complete the whole series, I guess I just like a bit of a challenge in itself to find as few as possible, and still able to solve the puzzle. lol

Just recently upgrade my GPS'r. I have used my Garmin Oregon 450 for some time, but just bought the Garmin Oregon 700

So far I am quite happy with it, the only drawback is it does not have the wherigo capability as did my other GPS'r. The good thing is I can do wherigo's from an app on my phone.

Geocaching HQ recently announced the release of Virtual Rewards, a project to reward some of geocaching’s great contributors, while also introducing a limited number of new Virtual Caches for the enjoyment of the entire geocaching community.

From Groundspeak:
Starting August 24th, approximately 4,000 geocachers in 63 countries around the world will receive emails with information about their Virtual Reward. This group is made up largely of top quality cache hiders from countries with at least 100 hiders. We created an algorithm to identify these people based on overall cache quality and cache health. Active community volunteers are also receiving a Virtual Reward as a thank you for giving their time and talent to support the geocaching community.

I love virtual caches and like many am sad to not see more of them. As you can see from some of my previous blogs, when I travel I always go for the virtuals. Just last month I found another 3 while in Vegas. So far I have only seen two new ones published in BC and one of them is over on Vancouver Island near Courtenay. I have a show in Campbell River in December, so you can be sure I will be going to see it.

Earthcache Day

They have named October 8th as Earthcache day, which is this upcoming weekend, so I have to see which one I will go get.

Seattle trip

On this upcoming trip, I am gonna try and do a 8 Icon day, getting a Traditional, a Multi, a Puzzle, a Wherigo, an Earthcache, a Virtual, a Letterbox, and a Webcam cache. I have done a 7 icon day twice now, so time to do more. lol
One of the puzzles I plan on getting was a maze puzzle that had to be done to obtain the coordinates to the final, as you can see in the pic it was not a very easy maze to do. Lots of dead ends. I hope there is no dead ends in finding the cache!!
 Hope my plans work out for my 8 Icon day. Wish me luck!!
I will let you know how things go in my next months blog. 

Well that's it for this month

Keep on caching

Chris Yuill


Saturday, 26 August 2017

Mary Hyde caches and Vegas

Mary Hyde caches

There was some special souvenir's up for grabs over the past couple of months. Each one had a different pirate type challenge to do to receive each of them.
Ahoy Me Hearties!

After achieving the 5 souvenirs' above, I was awarded the last souvenir which had a clue word hidden within it.
Mary Hydes Lost Treasure

Once you find the word, you submit it to and they will send you a reward(a prize) The Prize is a Trackable code to use however you feel like. You can attach your tracking code to any object of your choosing. You can engrave it, write it in permanent marker, or add a laminated piece of paper, a picture on your profile page, or many other ideas that you would use like a normal TB tag, but I am thinking of doing something cool with it. Watch for future blogs to see what I choose to do!!

Vegas Baby!!!

I had been in Las Vegas for 10 days. I went there for a magic convention called Magic Live, but of course I was able to do a fair bit of caching also. This year I decided to go after 12 challenge caches, plus as many virtual's as I could and also do a 7 icon day. 
Day 1: (Aug 10) Arrived in Vegas!!
Day 2: (Aug 11)
Today I went out to get 12 different challenge caches(I love challenges) but I only got 11 of the Monthly Challenge caches, as the 12th one may not have been there, according to past logs.
Monthly Challenge Caches

I also got 2 virtuals, one cool one called "Art at the Station", and 1 traditional cache
Depending on where you looked, this Virtual cache spelled it out!!

Art at the Station

Day 3: (Aug 12)
Last year while in LA and Las Vegas for conventions I tried to do a 7 icon day and just could not get a multi, so did not complete this task. (I had already finished this challenge in the past, I just felt like doing it again)

This time I got the 7 icons I was after: A traditional, virtual, puzzle, earthcache, multi, Wherigo, and a letterbox. The traditional was called "A Special Memory", a very cool one inside a wedding chapel with the same name.

They actually had a drive up window where you could get married. It has about 1150 favorite points!!

Day 4: (Aug 13)
Today I just got a puzzle cache and another Wherigo. This evening Magic Live kicked off, and it would be 3 1/2 full days of Magic!!!

Day 9: (Aug 18)
Grabbed 2 caches today, one in the morning that I walked from the hotel to, which was about a 4km round trip, and from the cache you could see the Orleans Hotel where I was staying. As you can see by the pic, I was quite hot!!

Then I grabbed another while on the strip later today, also showed my friends "Taz's Tree"  which holds a nano cache that I found 2 years ago.
Taz's Tree on the Alladin
It is a nano stuck behind this metal tree art

Day 10: (Aug 19) International Geocaching Day

We went to the Neon Graveyard this morning and took the tour.
Pretty cool history of Vegas. There is a virtual there called "Sign of the Times" that I logged last year.
As we left there we swung by the nearby museum so I could grab a cache for International geocaching day. It was hidden on this cool tubular dinosaur.
We then headed to Fremont street to eat, and I was able to grab another cache while there. This would be the last cache I would get while here. But don't worry, Zoltar say's I will be back there next year for Magic Live 2018.

Well that's it for this month

Keep on caching

Chris Yuill


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

B.C. and Vegas Caching!!

Fraser street caches

Finally finished up the Fraser Street cache and found the final(Well I did not get all the series as I had enough info to make the find) Found this near the final, pretty creepy!!

I have also been working on getting the "Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties!" Souvenirs. Here are the first three that I have earned, just gotta get two more in the collection!!

Mary Hyde: Ahoy me Hearties!

Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor

Mary Hyde: Smuggler's Cove

Another trip to Kelowna

So I was just in Kelowna for a show a few weeks ago as you remember from my last blog. I went again for another show this past weekend. It was an awesome show for over 100 people at an acreage. Check out the cool stage I got to perform on. Yee Haw!!

Logan Lake caching

I was able to grab a few Gold Country caches during this trip, on my way to Logan Lake for a show. Gotta love ammo cans!!
Also grabbed an Earthcache on the trip called "Drumlins and Eskers"

This was the view coming into Merritt. Lots of fires burning across the interior of British Columbia, and a nasty amount of smoke blanketing the province, as you can see by this pic. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain soon.

GPS'r VS Smartphone
People ask, why don't you just cache with your phone instead of your handheld GPS'r. The screenshot  below from my phone will explain why!!! And that was with service.

Not sure why, but I like the looks of this cool tree, that I spotted while on my trip.

This was a cool looking cache, at the entrance to the Left Field Cider Company!!


Yup, it's that time of year....heading to Las Vegas in a couple of days for Magic Live. A great Magic convention with 1600 other Magicians (Well 1599 plus myself)
Below is a screenshot of the caches I am hoping to get, in between magic convention, magic shows,'s Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Catch me next month and I will let you know if I got all the caches I am going for!!

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 23 July 2017

"Man your Battleships"

Caching in White Rock

Went out caching one morning with Close up Matt.
We started working on "Battleships in Whiterock" a few weeks back, we went to 9 of the 25 possible spots to visit for clues. Today we only had to visit 4 more to come up with enough info to work out the co-ords while sitting near the HUGE White Rock!!!
Earth Cache in Whiterock

After putting it into the geo-checker it came up as incorrect. We decided to go for it anyway and upon finding a huge tree down at the location we assumed it to be, I climbed over and made the find!!(see pic below)

There's a tree in the way!!

We also grabbed a few more caches in-between all the waypoints for the Battleship cache.

This one was at the pier in Whiterock and attached to fishing line so while they were fishing in the background I was fishing for the cache.

Another Free Library cache.

Then after we had finished the Battleship cache in Whiterock we headed to Langley to do the new Wherigo cache. It took us to all of the cool new statues in town for a bit of a history lesson.

Kelowna trip

I had a show in Kelowna so and I went a day early and went to an event called "Participaction 150: Learn to geocache 101". Now obviously I did not go to learn how to cache, in fact I have taught caching to several organizations in the past including the Cub scouts, Church groups, and the B.O.W. Organization.
I went because I was headed to Kelowna for a show the following morning but their was a new souvenir for attending an event cache that weekend. So I decided to go to an event in Kelowna at Jack Seaton park.

While there a fire started nearby as you can see by the following picture, and we had to leave the event early.
It became a large forest fire in Lake Country just North of Kelowna that grew to 40 Hectares and 8 homes were destroyed. Very sad!!
In total I found only 15 caches and one event while on my trip to Kelowna.

Fraser Street caches

I have been working on the series of Fraser Street caches, getting one or two every morning on my way to work. They are some pretty sneaky hides and clever containers. I need to find a couple more to get the "FSS Final- Connection"
I will let you know in my next blog how I make out.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Virtuals and upcoming geotrip!!

Early Morning caching Started working on another series, that I have been doing on the way to work in the morning. The final is called AC1...