Tuesday, 8 August 2017

B.C. and Vegas Caching!!

Fraser street caches

Finally finished up the Fraser Street cache and found the final(Well I did not get all the series as I had enough info to make the find) Found this near the final, pretty creepy!!

I have also been working on getting the "Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties!" Souvenirs. Here are the first three that I have earned, just gotta get two more in the collection!!

Mary Hyde: Ahoy me Hearties!

Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor

Mary Hyde: Smuggler's Cove

Another trip to Kelowna

So I was just in Kelowna for a show a few weeks ago as you remember from my last blog. I went again for another show this past weekend. It was an awesome show for over 100 people at an acreage. Check out the cool stage I got to perform on. Yee Haw!!

Logan Lake caching

I was able to grab a few Gold Country caches during this trip, on my way to Logan Lake for a show. Gotta love ammo cans!!
Also grabbed an Earthcache on the trip called "Drumlins and Eskers"

This was the view coming into Merritt. Lots of fires burning across the interior of British Columbia, and a nasty amount of smoke blanketing the province, as you can see by this pic. Hopefully we will get some much need rain soon.

GPS'r VS Smartphone
People ask, why don't you just cache with your phone instead of your handheld GPS'r. The screenshot  below from my phone will explain why!!! And that was with service.

Not sure why, but I like the looks of this cool tree, that I spotted while on my trip.

This was a cool looking cache, at the entrance to the Left Field Cider Company!!


Yup, it's that time of year....heading to Las Vegas in a couple of days for Magic Live. A great Magic convention with 1600 other Magicians (Well 1599 plus myself)
Below is a screenshot of the caches I am hoping to get, in between magic convention, magic shows, and......well...it's Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Catch me next month and I will let you know if I got all the caches I am going for!!

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Sunday, 23 July 2017

"Man your Battleships"

Caching in White Rock

Went out caching one morning with Close up Matt.
We started working on "Battleships in Whiterock" a few weeks back, we went to 9 of the 25 possible spots to visit for clues. Today we only had to visit 4 more to come up with enough info to work out the co-ords while sitting near the HUGE White Rock!!!
Earth Cache in Whiterock

After putting it into the geo-checker it came up as incorrect. We decided to go for it anyway and upon finding a huge tree down at the location we assumed it to be, I climbed over and made the find!!(see pic below)

There's a tree in the way!!

We also grabbed a few more caches in-between all the waypoints for the Battleship cache.

This one was at the pier in Whiterock and attached to fishing line so while they were fishing in the background I was fishing for the cache.

Another Free Library cache.

Then after we had finished the Battleship cache in Whiterock we headed to Langley to do the new Wherigo cache. It took us to all of the cool new statues in town for a bit of a history lesson.

Kelowna trip

I had a show in Kelowna so and I went a day early and went to an event called "Participaction 150: Learn to geocache 101". Now obviously I did not go to learn how to cache, in fact I have taught caching to several organizations in the past including the Cub scouts, Church groups, and the B.O.W. Organization.
I went because I was headed to Kelowna for a show the following morning but their was a new souvenir for attending an event cache that weekend. So I decided to go to an event in Kelowna at Jack Seaton park.

While there a fire started nearby as you can see by the following picture, and we had to leave the event early.
It became a large forest fire in Lake Country just North of Kelowna that grew to 40 Hectares and 8 homes were destroyed. Very sad!!
In total I found only 15 caches and one event while on my trip to Kelowna.

Fraser Street caches

I have been working on the series of Fraser Street caches, getting one or two every morning on my way to work. They are some pretty sneaky hides and clever containers. I need to find a couple more to get the "FSS Final- Connection"
I will let you know in my next blog how I make out.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Father's Day, Battleship's, and Events

Caching with my little boy on Father's Day

Oliver and I went out for a few caches between rain showers on Fathers day. He and I enjoy caching and its usually him that asks to go get some. lol
We grabbed 3 at one location!! Well actually 2 of them were electronic gadgets that were inside of an ammo can cache. One was called "Chill" and the other was called "Brambleweeny 57 Sub-meson Brain"
They were both inside "GB Puzzle Box II" which was also a cache, between the three caches there was a total of 144 Favorite points.

You had to figure out what to do with them after putting batteries in them. Once you figured it out, the co-ords for the cache were displaed on the screen.  Pretty cool

We also did one a few weeks back called "Whomping Willow Lane - Pipe Series III" and I had Oliver shoot a video of me retrieving it. As you can see from the "Video" (Click Link<) he did a pretty good job getting a steady shot!!!

One day a new cache gets published but with bad coordinates. 2 weeks later the co-ords are updated. I happen to notice this the next day after it got fixed. I head over to that part of town and pick up fellow cacher/magician friend Close Up Matt and together we get the FTF called "On Safari"

Also found a FTF Multi named "K de K - New Westminster to Brownsville"

I have recently been asked by the publisher of "FTF Magazine" to write an article for the magazine about some "Travel Bugs" but not just any TB's, I will be writing about the history of the "Jeep Travel Bugs"
Right now I am doing some research on the history of the Jeep TB's.
I will let you know when this happens. Also last month 3 of my pictures were published in the FTF Magazine.

"You Sank my Battleship"

Started working on "Battleships in Whiterock" cache over in Whiterock, BC with good friend Close Up Matt. You have to visit 25 different locations to look for clues to figure out the final location. We went out one Saturday and went to about half the locations as well as grabbing some other caches along the way. One cache was called "Up the down staircase". Talk about a workout!!!

Trip to island
Headed to Vancouver Island this past weekend to do a show up island in Courtenay. While on the island I grabbed several caches including a challenge cache that I had completed the requirements to back in October of 2013. It was the VLH Heinz 57 Challenge
I also got to see some caching friends at the Courtenay Fish and Game annual event. They were running the Geocaching booth, something which I did a few years back.

Event Cache and Night caching with new friends

Went to Keats94 goes to Ottawa event cache and also hooked up with 3 other caches to go and grab the nearby night cache. One of the cachers I went with "Bad Bunny bites you" left a glow in the dark bunny in the cache. How appropriate!!!
Night Cache

Canada Day

I am going to Harrison Hot springs this Canada Day long weekend with my little boy, and we will grab a few caches I'm sure, as well as in a couple of weekends I am heading to Kelowna for a show and I am hoping to grab some more "Gold Country" caches. I already got 1 of the cool gold bar geocoins as you can see in the pic. (PS, Yes you can discover it from the pic if you wish)

Oh, and in Magic News, also this month I won as Children's Entertainer of the Year again!!!
Being presented the award

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Geocaching turns 17 years old

Geocaching turns 17 years old

I was at a 3 1/2 day magic convention a couple of  weekends ago and got out every morning to grab a few caches with my magician/cacher friend Close Up Matt. While we were out we were able to receive the 3 million active caches souvenir. Also we shared an FTF called "whaddadork" while in Chilliwack. Very Cool!!
It was Matt's second ever FTF and my 358th (OK, I've been caching a bit longer than him. lol)

This souvenir marks a major milestone in geocaching history. Reaching 3 million active geocaches was made possible by the collective efforts of players around the world. You earned this celebratory souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event the weekend after Geocaching.com hit 3 million caches.
A major milestone like 3 million geocaches is the perfect excuse to get out and cache!!!
In all seriousness, this achievement is thanks to efforts by people all around the world. Collectively, they contributed millions of hours of time — time spent researching hiding spots, making containers, reviewing caches, hosting events, cleaning up the environment, and more. The result is more than 3 million geocaches. It’s 3 million experiences as interesting and varied as the people who created them!

Micro caches VS Larger caches
What size of cache do you like best? Take a look at the following two pics, you will see a preform Tube, and the second is a bison tube. Which one do you think is bigger? Scroll to bottom of blog for the answer!!!
Preform tube

Bison Tube

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May 2/2017
Today Geocaching celebrated it's 17th birthday by giving a souvenir for getting a cache.
Geocaching has evolved, and so have geocachers. On May 2, 2000, the United States government disabled selective availability — increasing the accuracy of civilian GPS devices. On May 2, 2017, seventeen years later, geocaching has become a global phenomenon to get off the couch and get outside.

May 3/2017
17 years ago, today the first geocache was hidden. Happy birthday Geocaching!!!!!
Check out the You Tube video of the "First cache" made and hidden on May 3/2000 by Dave Ulmer.
In the video at 1:48 he says hopefully someday there will be thousands of these all over the country, and today there is over 3 million active caches world wide. WOW!!!!

Here is a better pic of the Bison Tube from the photo above!!!
 Yup it was a jumbo one!!! A real cache, not Photoshop!!!

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Challenges and Monumental caches

I haven't done a lot of caching since my last blog, except for a couple of FTF's, a challenge cache, a 7 stage multi that was published in 2001, and another cache also published back in 2001 to fill a couple of spots on my Jasmer chart, and a few caches near the older caches I got.
So I thought I would talk about what makes these type of caches not just challenging but also special!!

Challenge Yourself!!!

This month, I will talk a bit about challenges, and challenge caches:
Some people love them, some don't like them, some people avoid them, I personally seek them out!!!
In fact I just got the "West 122 degrees longitude challenge" that I have been trying to get one specific cache for a bit, completed and logged.

The first three I will talk about are challenges that have been around since caching started. Some of the statistics for cache challenges, can be found on your very own caching profile page, while others have to be sourced out by using other websites such as "My Geocaching Profile"
Here you can make a profile and input all your finds and it will give you more statistics than you will ever need!!!

Jasmer Challenge

Popular in the United States, the Jasmer asks geocachers to find one cache hidden in every month since geocaching began in May 2000. As of today, that means finding 202 caches with different placed dates. To give you a sense of the difficulty of this challenge, there are under 150 caches hidden in 2000 still enabled. Geocaching road trip, anyone?
I have found several caches that were based on the Jasmer Challenge, most recently I did one called "Challenge Jasmer 2008 Mini series" where I had to find one cache that was placed in each month of 2008, for a total of 12 qualifying caches. The rules for the challenge were as follows: Any cache found at any time anywhere in the world is valid. So you may already qualify for this challenge. The date to use is the placed or hidden date at the top of the cache page, which may be different than the date the cache was published. You must find one cache placed for each month in 2008.
I had already fulfilled my 2008 placed caches list, so I was able to find and log that cache!!! The CO of this Challenge cache had several other Jasmer Mini series challenges from 2005 to 2014.
I have got most of them except 2005, 2006, and 2012. I have qualified for all them so next time I am in Victoria I will try to grab them.

The 7 stage multi cache called Shore Circuit, that I mentioned in the beginning of this blog will fill in the November 2001 spot on my chart(Have not updated it yet)

I looked for a December 2001 cache and I see that I either have to go to Vancouver Island, Alberta, or the States. There is none still active in the Lower Mainland of BC. Do I hear road trip???

January 2017

As you can see I need to grab a couple of caches to fill in some recent dates also. Below is an updated Jasmer chart (March 2017)  11 more oldies to get!!!

March 2017

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Fizzy Challenge

The Fizzy Challenge will test your mental skills, then your physical skills, then both at the same time. The Fizzy Challenge will have you finding a cache for each combination of Difficulty/Terrain rating possible. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Well-Rounded Cacher” and the “81 Grid” because there are 81 possible combinations. If you want to really go above and beyond, you can fill our a Fizzy grid for each cache type. I still need 11 different combos.

365 Day Challenge

It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure this challenge out: find one cache on every day of the year! That could mean a 365-day streak, or a careful plotting of geocaching expeditions over the course of many years. In case you’re wondering, the next Leap Day is February 29, 2020.
I did 400 caching days in a row, so it was easy to fill my chart!!

Other stats such as your finds nearest and farthest from your house are also on your own caching profile. As you can see by mine, I have found a cache 200 metres away and also 6013 KM away.
One of the cool stats I have, is I found a cache 4200 KM's away(Florida) and one a couple KM's away(Vancouver) from home on the very same day!!!

Misc. Stats

I've only found 1 5/5 cache so far, but the cool part is that it was also a FTF with my wife Angelcheeks, and good friends C2C2C and Toby and Me!!
I have also found several traveling caches, which are only those made years ago, as they are not allowed to be made anymore.

"Monumental Caches found by Magicman65"

July 1/10 Un-original stash. GC92 Portland, Oregon
July 2/10 Mission 9: Tunnel of light GC1169 Snoqualmie Pass, Washington (1 of 2 remaining A.P.E. Caches)(Now archived, as it was stolen) The A.P.E. cache series was established in May of 2001. The promotion was for the film Planet of the Apes. Thirteen different A.P.E. caches, each with props from the movie and a story that tied into the movie, were hidden all over the world. Those who found the caches received a unique icon. All that is left of the highly sought series is a single, active cache hidden deep in the tropical jungles of Brazil. Mission 4: Southern Bowl is now the last obtainable A.P.E. cache. The remainder of the geocaches in the series have been archived. The final cache has been logged less than 40 times. (UPDATE: They have found the missing Mission 9: Tunnel of light cache, and it may be unarchived in the near future)
July 2/10 Iron Horse GC79 Snoqualmie Pass, Washington (oldest cache I have gotten so far)
July 2/10 Geowoodstock VIII. GC1QM7K Carnation, Washington (1st mega)
July 12/11 Strathcona wilderness 1 GCA6 Ardrossan, Alberta (Oldest Aberta cache, 2nd Canada cache)
July 16/11 Best of the BAD mega event. GC2GA1J Three Hills, Alberta (2nd mega attend)
(Hired to performed Adult and kids Magic at Mega)
July 28/11 Treehugger (BC's Oldest cache) GC1DD Vancouver, BC
July 7/12 Island Spirit 2012 GC349MK Duncan, BC (3rd mega)
(Hired to perform 2 Magic shows at Mega)
Aug. 17/13 2013 Block Party GC3X684 Seattle, Wash.
Aug. 18/13 Go APE Mega event GC46Z3E Snoqualmie Tunnel, Wash.(4th Mega)

And in Groundspeak news:

Speaking of Monumental caches, I was talking about this cache back in my November 2016 Blog
and the geocaching community has spoken. The Mission 9: Tunnel of Light APE cache will be returned to its original location and restored to active APE cache status. Once reactivated, the cache will be loggable throughout the year. )If you look above in my "Monumental Caches" you will see I have found it July 2nd 2010.)
They will reactivate the APE cache on August 19, 2017, the date of the Going Ape 2017 Mega-Event at Washington’s Iron Horse State Park.
More than 10,000 geocachers helped make this decision. (Read the February 20th blog for more about the ballot choices.) Here are the results:
61% — Return and Reactivate
17% — Activate Once A Year
13% — Display at Geocaching HQ
9% — Traveling Artifact

Additional stats for Magicman65

**So far, I have found 357 First to Find's (FTF)
**Most FTF's in one Day Feb.23/12 "13 FTF's"
**Most finds in one Day May 21/11 "200 caches" Lake Cowichan to Port Alberni (Previous most finds in one day was 71)
**Most Icons in one Day April 21/13 7 icons for "Lucky Number 7 challenge"
**Groundspeaks "Geocacher of the Month" Feb. 2012 (Nominated twice, Oct./11 and Jan/12)
**Longest caching streak Jan.1st/13 to Feb. 4th/14 (400 days)
**B.C.G.A. Vice President 2011-2014

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

Monday, 13 February 2017

Geo Tour

Richmond Geo Tour

Had a day off, and a new cache got published so I went and grabbed it to give me another FTF to add to my list. I had not much to do, so I decided to go finish up the "Richmond Geo-Quest" caches. Grabbed several by way of car, and then had a few to do by walking the trails. 3 of them are in the park where the Richmond Nature park office is located, so I did those last, as that is where you go to claim your prize for getting all the codes from each cache.

 Had to go to several different parks and Nature areas, as you can see by the Pictures.

 This was a cool path!!

This was chained up!!

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MAGIC Live 2017

So I have registered for a Magic Convention in Vegas that I have been to the last two years. It's not until August but I've already started making my bookmark list. lol
If you recall my blog from last August, I went after several Virtual caches, there is a few there that I did not get at that time, so I will hunt them down this time. I am also gonna try to get 7 icons in one day. I tried last year when I was there, but ended up only getting 6. Wish me luck!!
I have done it in the past as you can see by the pic below:

Caching etiquette

Found this recently on the internet. Found it very useful and Interesting:
If you enjoy finding caches more than hiding them and you want to give something back to the hobby, here are seven things you can do.  

1)  Leave great logs.  I know I Personally really appreciate it when someone takes a minute to tell me they enjoyed the cache and give a sentence or two about their experience. 

2)  Upload pictures.  They don't have to be pictures of you.  I like to see pictures of interesting things you saw nearby or what the area looks like as the seasons change.  Please don't include the cache itself.  I like to leave some things as surprises for future finders.  Mention the pictures in the logs!  The owners are not notified in any way when you attach pictures.  Sometimes I don't notice the pictures until months later.

3)  If you are a premium member, leave favorite points.  I realize you can't always do this, but it's nice when you can.

4)  Give reliable status reports about the condition of the containers.  It really helps me to know whether I need to plan a trip for maintenance.  If you say at the end of your log "everything is in good shape here" then I know I don't have to check on that one right away.  If there is a problem and you can't explain it without leaving spoilers then you can also contact the owner through the messaging feature.

5)  Make simple repairs.  If you can solve a problem while you're standing there and save me a trip then that is a huge help.  When I go out I carry spare log paper, extra gaskets for bison tubes, and ziplock bags in a variety of sizes.  I know some geocachers also carry camouflage duct tape.  Mention any repairs in your logs.  Do NOT throw down a new container because you can't find one that's supposed to be there.  If there are two containers then that's a new problem I have to go and solve.

6)  Restock the containers with swag.  This doesn't benefit me as much as everyone else who finds the cache after you.  Go to eBay and order ten dollars worth of plastic rings or guitar picks or something.  Sprinkle them in caches across the landscape like you're Johnny Appleseed.

7)  Just go out and find them.  If you find the caches and you're not being a jackass then you're participating the game and helping to keep it fun for everyone.  That's why we hide them.

Obviously by the numbers and statistics, the vast majority of geocachers are finders and not hiders. 
Personally I have to date found 4195 caches but have only hidden 45 and 4 of those were Events. The last time I saw statistics there were something like 2.4 million active caches in the world and close to 7 million geocachers.  Most people who hide caches have hidden a bunch, so the numbers are actually much more lopsided than that.  I would much rather that people don't hide caches until they've seen a bunch and they're prepared to keep up with years of maintenance.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

B.C. and Vegas Caching!!

Fraser street caches Finally finished up the Fraser Street cache and found the final(Well I did not get all the series as I had enough inf...