Sunday, 15 March 2020

Holidays, and Souvenirs!!!

Family day caching

 Sansue and I decided to go grab some caches on Family day, Feb 17th. We went to Brunswick Point, which is the most westerly non island part of the Ladner area of Delta. To the north is the Canoe Pass, part of the South Arm of the Fraser River where the river runs between Westham Island and the mainland just before it flows into the Gulf of Georgia. It was a nice day and we walked about 9km in total. We found a total of 23 Traditionals, and 1 Earthcache, and DNF'd 2 caches. 

Cool staircase leading up to the Dyke.

 I really felt there should have been a cache here. But there was not!! lol

There was Eagles everywhere along the Dyke, very cool to see them up close.

 This was a cool hide. The rocks were over top of this cache, but it was the perfect hidey hole!! I wont tell you the name of the cache so as not to spoil it for others. Almost felt like it was buried but, it was not. Ammo cans are Awesome!!!

 Susan with the cache!!

 Can you spot the cache??

See it yet?

This one was definitely tricky. Sansue actually spotted this one before me!!

And in Magic News....... 

 This month I stepped down as the President of the Fraser Valley Magic Circle, where I was President for the last 4 1/2 years. I was given an award for all my years of commitment to the club, as the President, and also a very cool watch, that is made out of wood. I will stay on the Executive as the Secretary, as I have always enjoyed helping out, and this is a great club to belong to.

Leap Day caching and souvenir

 It's 2020, which means it's a Leap Year, which also means we have an extra day this year that we have not had since 4 years ago!! Plus to celebrate this extra day of caching, Groundspeak has made a special Leap Day souvenir. I had a show over in Marpole and I grabbed a few caches while on the way over there. 
 This was one that I found, can you see it??? It has a difficulty of 3 1/2 stars, But I was able to grab it quite quick, although others had a difficult time.

I also found one in this Free Library stand. I have found several in Free Library's all over the city, and in other towns. Always great caches.

After my show, Sansue and I also went and grabbed a cache called "Leverage" which was a cache similar to one I had done several years ago called "Chopsticks not Included"
We enjoyed doing it as a team. Much better with more hands to help.
I got a total of 6 caches on Leap Day. 

Got a notification about a new cache published close to my house today(March 1st), so I raced out the door and went and found it. It was a cool cache called Port Moody City Gym - League Series
This was my 1st FTF of the year, but my 384th First to Find in total!!

NOTE: The highlighted or underlined words in my blog can be clicked on as they are links to other cool stuff!! Also if you click on any of the pictures they become bigger!!!

Heading to Las Vegas!!

We had planned to head to Vegas this month, and I made a list of about 78 caches to work on grabbing while there with Sansue, some of the caches on the list where ones I have already found during previous trips, but thought she might enjoy them.
EDIT NOTE: We have had to postpone our trip because of what is going on in the world right now with this ugly Virus. I hope everyone out there stays safe, and this is over soon!!!

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Important Message:
Geowoodstock XVIII is coming up in August, have you signed up, and logged your will attend yet??
Check out the website at "Geowoodstock" for all upcoming info on the event as well as events leading up to it, and make sure you log your "will attend" at "Event" and register online!!
They are going to have some amazing things, including a really cool Magician doing a couple of shows.....Hmmmm, wonder who that could be???

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill


  1. Nice photos and post, thanks and happy post-covid caching !

    1. Thanx TofLaBeuze,
      I hope you are enjoying my blog every month!! I have a giveaway coming up, on my 100th blog, so keep tuned in.


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