Thursday, 5 September 2019

International Caching day and out of town caching

Saskatoon Caching

Last month I headed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a couple of shows, right after getting back from Magic Live in Las Vegas. I have been away from home for the last 2 weeks with my trips to LA, Carlsbad, and Las Vegas, but those were for fun. Now it was time to head out for a couple of shows.
 A cool Virtual I stopped at, with info about the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) Good to know!!

 Before I headed to the Airport, I grabbed this virtual cache about YVR. Lots of interesting facts.

Saskatchewan Caching

 I was able to grab 4 caches while in Saskatoon, including a Library cache, a Travel Bug hotel, a difficulty 4 cache, and a Virtual as seen in the picture. (My trading card has a TB number on it, please feel free to discover it) Also if you click on any of the pictures they become bigger!!!
It's not always about finding every cache, I like to look for the cool, strange or very favorite caches.

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Saskatoon Firefighters show

 The stage is set for the Saskatoon Firefighters fundraising show. What an amazing audience, for both shows!! Plus we also did a small show at the children's hospital for the kids, parents and staff while in town.

 Great crowds, great guys to work with and the Producer was awesome and did a phenomenal job of making us look good on stage. Thanks again to all who worked hard to make this event a success!!!

International Geocaching Day

 I headed to Blaine, Washington on August 17th and grabbed a few caches for International Geocaching day.

Got this virtual souvenir for getting a cache on International Caching day which was August 17/2019.

As you can see from the following pictures, I have gotten a cache on International Caching day since it started in 2011 and every year since, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Great Trail Treasure Hunt

Last year the Great Trail Treasure hunt placed 100 caches along the Great Canadian Trail and for being the First to Find one of them I received a $100 gift card to Mountain Equipment Co-Op plus a years subscription to Canadian Geographic. This year they placed 200 caches along the trail and were giving away prizes for the FTF as well as random draws every week. A couple of months ago I posted about these caches. Since that time I found out I won again and was able to purchase any pair of boots off the KEEN Footwear Canada website. I ended up choosing a pair of work boots worth $300 for FREE!!!! Thanx again #greattrailtreasure and #keenfootwear
Getting something for doing what I love to do almost seems wrong, but I'm not complaining!!

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Hole in the wall caches

Was over on the Island for some personal business and we went on a short hike to a place called the "Hole in the Wall" while we were in Port Alberni. Oliver and I were able to grab a couple of caches on the hike in. We went with my Sister, Brother in Law, Nephew and his wife. It was a nice little walk and a good time to reflect on our next days event.

All the rock statues in the river

The following day we grabbed a cache in Toquart Bay while we were there and also checked on my cache called "BC Parks 100: BIG Cedar" on the way to Toquart Bay.
If you look closely, you can see Oliver in the Tree!! HUGE TREE!!! I'm quite sure you can't get a picture of the whole tree.

Oliver still loves standing on rocks. lol
Secret Beach and the entrance to Toquart Bay.

 This is the Old Rec site, that my Dad used to take me to when I came to visit. It is where he is now resting. The main reason we were on the island was to spread his ashes one year after he passed on. He will be missed.
 Saying goodbye to my Dad. It was a day filled with tears and emotion, but also a lot of laughter and fun, which is what he would have wanted.

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!

Chris Yuill


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