Thursday, 25 April 2019

Earthcaches and Road trips

Earthcache Challenge

I have been going after Earthcaches recently as I am trying to complete the Challenge cache called "Earthcaches: Challenge of the Century" that I found in Las Vegas, so I can log it. You need to have found 100 Earthcaches to log it. I already signed the cache when I was there, and now I only need about 6 more so I can log it online!!!

This was a cool earthcache and it had to do with some different types of huge marble stones, brought over from Italy.

The holes in the marble made for some very cool pictures!!

Three kinds of Marble

This Cool looking statue, is also an earthcache.

Vesicular Basalt Earthcache

This statue is quarried from vesicular basalt. Basalt is a very common volcanic rock that emanates from volcanoes. If it cools quickly, basalt can become vesicular. Due to the vesicules, the rock is softer and easier to carve than regular basalt. The statue was a gift from the Port of Incheon Korea to the Port of Vancouver.  This statue was quarried and carved on the island of Jeju, Korea, where similar statues serve as guardian and boundary markers on Jeju. This island is volcanic and is known locally for its long lava tubes.

Climbing fun!!!

So when Oliver is not posing for the camera on top of large rocks as seen in my last blog, he also poses on top of large stumps or Logs. lol

Caching in Deer Lake Park

Such a beautiful Easter Weeekend, so Oliver and I headed to Deer Lake Park on Saturday, to grab an Earthcache, a Multicache and several Traditional Caches. The weather was awesome and there where lots of people out walking the trails, with their families.

We even got to see a family of Turtles sunning themselves on a log.

On Easter Sunday I had 3 shows at the Port Moody Museum by Rocky Point Park. As you can see by the picture below, they were very well attended, as the weather was awesome.

YouTube channel

So recently Oliver and I have been doing videos while caching and I have loaded a few up onto our NEW YouTube channel so far. He wanted to start a YouTube channel of his own for caching videos, so I have set one up for us. If you want to check out our progress so far and give us some feedback that would greatly be appreciated. Here are links to 2 of the videos:
"Library Cache Geochallenge"(I wrote about this challenge in last months blog)
Please check these out and our new YouTube channel, and comment on the videos, and subscribe to our channel.

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Upcoming Caching Trips

Ok, while my upcoming trips I have planned are not actually just for geocaching, of course I will be doing some caches along the way. lol
I will be heading to Edmonton, Alberta in July, for my Nephew's wedding and will grab a few caches while there. (Already building the list) Then in August not only will I be heading to Las Vegas as always for a 4 day magic convention, where I will be there for 10 days, but I will also be taking Oliver to California for a trip to LEGOLAND!!
I am also planning a daytrip, or overnight getaway just to do these caches you see on the map below. Haven't set a date as of yet to do this, but hoping to do it soon. Maybe this coming weekend?? Anyone up for a road trip???

As you can see by the map above, I have selected about 54 caches for this trip. Whether I get them all or not will remain to be seen. You will find out, next blog. (You may notice one has been found by me already. I have that one saved to my list as I will use it as a marker to find a place.)

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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