Thursday, 7 March 2019


February Vegas Trip

On Feb 19th I headed down to Bellingham and grabbed several caches including a Challenge cache, while there before heading to the airport for my flight to Las Vegas.

The following 2 pictures are the caches I was planning to do in Vegas and the caches after I was done. As you can see I did not get all of those I planned to get, but still did pretty good. Even found a couple extra ones I did not plan on including a second to find(STF)


Vegas Day 1: Arrived in Las Vegas, but did not do any caching as I got there in the evening and checked into hotel and then headed out to meet up with friends to go see my friend Marc Savard's, hypnosis show.

Vegas Day 2: Rented a car and headed out caching for the day. I headed after 3 challenge caches first, but 1 of them I didn't even search for as it was a lamppost cache(easy find) but if you look at the pic you will see why I decided not to look. lol
They are watching!!!
Got a cache called "Elevator Operator" next. Good thing I had my selfie stick with me to retrieve this cache and place it back. The sign in the pic was about 12 feet tall!! See it in the top??
I then headed out of the city to Red Rock Canyon, to do some cool caches, and the weird thing was there was snow in Vegas!! Check out the pics below. I only found 11 caches this day, but it was also a 7 icon day(7 different types)

Virtual Cache

Vegas Day 3: Today I headed across the border to Arizona to grab one cache over there. I then came back towards Vegas, and grabbed several really cool high favorited caches. I even went down a power trail just to grab one specific cache that had a D/T rating that I needed.

 Can you see the cache?

How about now??

 This doesn't look possible??

 Just a normal sign post!! Or is it??

Vegas Day 4: Found several cool puzzle caches today, that used smartphone technology. Each one was a different method of finding the cache final. They all started off with using a QR code, but then you either had to watch a video or call a phone number and listen to a recorded message to find the cache.

Vegas Day 5: This morning I took the rental car back and headed down the strip for a bit, but still grabbed 4 caches.

Vegas Day 6: Today I would leave Vegas and fly back to Bellingham, but I also grabbed a cache heading back over the border back into Canada.

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All in all I found a total of 35 caches out of the 50 that I had planned on, but have only logged 34 as I need to complete a challenge before logging 1 of the challenge caches.(will complete soon) I also got 4 other challenge caches that I could log right away. I also completed another 7 Icon day (7 different Icons) Which included a Traditional, a Multi, a puzzle, an Earthcache, a Letterbox, a Virtual, and a Wherigo cache which was actually about caching for Icons. I got 3 more spots filled in on my Difficulty/Terrain chart, and I got 5 more of the most favorited caches in Vegas as I talked about in last months blog.

Las Vegas was a blast because besides geocaching, I also saw 8 shows while there for the 5 days.
I look forward to the next time I go there which will be in August when I head down for a Magic Convention called Magic Live. I wonder what caches I will find then??

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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