Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Travel Bugs and Souvenirs

Caching souvenirs

So recently Groundspeak (Geocaching Headquarters) has been giving virtual souvenirs' for doing certain things, such as finding caches with more than 10 favorites, etc. This months challenge was to move some Travel Bug's around and you will get points toward the newest souvenir.

From the "Geocaching.com Blog":

Introducing the next challenge in our four month series “You might be a geocacher if…” From December 3 at noon UTC through December 31 at noon UTC, use the Friend League to individually earn points towards the “Trackable Lover” souvenir. Keep reading to learn December’s challenge below!

In December, you might be a Trackable Lover if…
You’re all about getting those digits; you can’t see a tracking code and not log it! You own several trackable t-shirts, bring your whole (very organized) collection to every event you attend, and take the extra moment to look up the trackable’s mission.

As you can see by the pics, I have gotten all 4 of them.

Panama Eh!!

So, speaking of Travel Bug's, there was a TB, I activated in Panama back in Feb, 2011 and then he traveled back to Canada with me. He is a wooden person key chain from Panama.
Panama Eh!!

He traveled around BC for awhile and then he headed to New Brunswick over 4000 km away. In Feb. 2012 he came back to BC, and a few months later headed to California. From California he got brought to Australia over 11,000 km away. WOW!!! While there he moved around a bit, and then a newbie cacher retrieved him from a cache in December of 2012. That cacher hung on to him until just recently in December of 2018 it was placed into another cache. 6 years that cacher held onto it. Wow, I assumed I would never see my TB again.

Another cacher has been moving him around from cache to cache and now he is logged into an event.
Many have discovered him, but unfortunately when a TB get dropped into an event, they sometimes become lost within the system. Lucky someone has retrieved him and hopefully he will start moving around again soon.

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The End is Here!!!

The End of 2018 that is, and the start of 2019. So as we say goodbye to another year and Hello to a New one, Groundspeak has rewarded us with 2 more geocaching souvenir's. (See pics below)

My little boy and I went and found 7 caches on New Years Day, as it was a sunny beautiful day. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm, as we found a cache and then he was like, "Let's find another Daddy"
Happy New Year to all!!!

Well, that's it for this month,

Keep on caching!!

Chris Yuill


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