Saturday, 23 December 2017

Christmas Shows and caching

Christmas shows and Caching

Dec 9th
Today I headed to Campbell River over on Vancouver Island for a show, and I grabbed several caches including two that I talked about getting in my last blog. The Virtual in Royston, and "Steely D(M)an"

Dec 14th-16th
I headed out today to do 4 shows in the next three days. There will be about 24-26 hours of driving between shows, so I figured, may as well cache!!! On my way to my 2nd show in Castlegar, I stopped at a place that I stop almost every time I am coming into Osoyoos. Spotted Lake!!!
I have already got the cache that is here as well as the earthcache. I did a cache just up the road from the lake called "STUCK Climbing to the Kobau Lookout"
The funny thing is this is where the sign with the info (pic below) for the Lake is located, which is about 2 km away from the lake. I'm certain there used to be a sign right at the lake years ago when I got the Earthcache.

Spotted Lake

Got into Osoyoos and stopped for another cache near Osoyoos lake and noticed this impromptu Ice Sculpture!!

Up the highway I stopped to grab another cache called The Colors of our Valley "Osoyoos"
Here you could overlook the Lake and the town below.

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A short distance further, I stopped to find a cache called "Cougar Cache"
As you can see by the pic it is named appropriately. lol
Cougar Cache

Out of country FTF's

Before heading out on any trip I always look to see if there are any newly published caches that have not been found yet on the route I am taking. I noticed 2 in the direction I was going but they were just below the border in Danville, Washington. On my way to Castlegar I swung down below the border around Grand Forks to grab a couple of FTF's called "Danville Trailhead" and "Overlooking Danville"

These 2 First to Find's bring my yearly total of FTF's to 9, bringing my total to 363 FTF's. I may get another before the end of the year but I am heading to Alberta in a couple of days on Christmas so its unlikely. A far away number from the 112 FTF's found in 2010 (that's like 1 every 3 days, wow)
Anyway as the year comes to an end, I just would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!!!

Well, that's it for this month, and this year......
Keep on caching, and see you in the New Year
Chris Yuill

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