Friday, 27 October 2017

Seattle trip

I headed to Seattle a couple weekends ago. Planned on doing some more unusual caches plus was gonna try to get 8 different icons. (Beating my previous record of 7 different icons in a day) Took a friend of mine with me.(Non cacher) But he enjoyed helping me find caches and was interested in it. He also went to a cache with me in Las Vegas a couple months ago, while we were there for the Magic Live Convention.

The morning looked good, as I quickly got the Webcam Cache, and the puzzle cache out of the way in Bellingham. I wanted to get a Multi while here but it was in a building so it was too early. Got into Seattle, and quickly grabbed a Letterbox, which was HQGT: Geo Post Office part of Groundspeaks geo tour. We then grabbed a challenge cache(puzzle) and a Multi. We then stopped for a bite to eat and went to try a nearby Wherigo. I was not having much luck as I was unsure as to how to play this one. We moved on.

Kerry Veiwpoint Park
We then swung by a couple of Virtual caches, the first one was at a park, and we could see the Space Needle in the distance (photo below) which is where we headed next.
At the Seattle Space Needle, I got the second Virtual which was at the base of it, and also one of the New virtual's which I talked about in last months blog.
We browsed the gift shop and then on our way.

"Those are some big Nuts!!"
We made a stop at Leroy's Suit store which is why I was coming down here in the first place, got what I wanted and then some, and then we headed off to Pikes Place Market.
MMMMM Yummy!!
No visit to Seattle is complete until you visit the famous Seattle Gum Wall. Since Glen had never seen it, I had to take him there. There used to be a cache there, which I have already found, but I believe, It has been removed until more gum accumulates as they just cleaned the walls a few months back. But as you can see by my pic above, it will get filled in no time!!

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On the way home I got another challenge cache which you needed to have at least 100 months filled on your jasmer calendar.

(The Jasmer Challenge requires you to find at least one cache placed every month since Geocaching was invented, in May 2000. This is difficult, as some geographic areas are missing some of the earliest caching months; the full Jasmer challenge may require you to travel significantly from your home location, Therefore, many cachers have created "mini Jasmer challenges" which require you to only find one cache placed during each month of a specific year, i.e. you must find a cache placed during each month of the year 2002.)

As you can see by my Jasmer calendar I have found caches placed on 197 out of 210 months since caching started.

On route home we stopped by this river to get an earthcache. An Erratic!! We then stopped at a rest area to grab one last cache which was a traditional.

I only got 7 different icons this day instead of the 8, possibly 9 (There was an event in Seattle) I was trying for, but still a fun day and had some great company for the trip as well!! The 8 or 9 icon day will have to happen down the road. (#Roadtrip)

Also got an earthcache on International Earthcache day back on October 8th, called mcmillan/brae the evolution of an island, it was out in Fort Langley.

I love doing challenge caches, as you can see by my recent trip to Seattle, I even made sure to get a couple, while there. This is the map of all the nearby challenge caches in my area

I think my next challenge will be to find a cache I need to fill in my Alphanumeric Cache Names, and Alphanumeric Cacher Names.

Just getting packed and ready to head to Victoria on the island for the weekend for a small Magic convention. Will grab a few challenge caches while over there. Well that's it for this month!!

Signal the Frog and I at an event years ago!!

Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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