Tuesday, 8 August 2017

B.C. and Vegas Caching!!

Fraser street caches

Finally finished up the Fraser Street cache and found the final(Well I did not get all the series as I had enough info to make the find) Found this near the final, pretty creepy!!

I have also been working on getting the "Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties!" Souvenirs. Here are the first three that I have earned, just gotta get two more in the collection!!

Mary Hyde: Ahoy me Hearties!

Mary Hyde: Weigh Anchor

Mary Hyde: Smuggler's Cove

Another trip to Kelowna

So I was just in Kelowna for a show a few weeks ago as you remember from my last blog. I went again for another show this past weekend. It was an awesome show for over 100 people at an acreage. Check out the cool stage I got to perform on. Yee Haw!!

Logan Lake caching

I was able to grab a few Gold Country caches during this trip, on my way to Logan Lake for a show. Gotta love ammo cans!!
Also grabbed an Earthcache on the trip called "Drumlins and Eskers"

This was the view coming into Merritt. Lots of fires burning across the interior of British Columbia, and a nasty amount of smoke blanketing the province, as you can see by this pic. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain soon.

GPS'r VS Smartphone
People ask, why don't you just cache with your phone instead of your handheld GPS'r. The screenshot  below from my phone will explain why!!! And that was with service.

Not sure why, but I like the looks of this cool tree, that I spotted while on my trip.

This was a cool looking cache, at the entrance to the Left Field Cider Company!!

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Yup, it's that time of year....heading to Las Vegas in a couple of days for Magic Live. A great Magic convention with 1600 other Magicians (Well 1599 plus myself)
Below is a screenshot of the caches I am hoping to get, in between magic convention, magic shows, and......well...it's Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Catch me next month and I will let you know if I got all the caches I am going for!!

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill


  1. You need a better smart phone app. One that allows saving of maps for offline use. I'm assuming lack of map data is what your screenshot was showing. I have maps for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Washington on my phone at present. I've used all of those in the past month. Most 3rd party apps support storing maps for offline use. Even the official app does if you plan ahead and save caches for offline use!

    1. Hey Brian,
      I do use often offline maps, but this was not a planned stop on my route. I still prefer using my GPSr in fact I just recently bought the Oregon 700


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