Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bike caching and magic

Sunny Days

Now that the nicer weather has been upon us we have been doing a fair bit of bike caching. We did some trails in the Pitt Meadows area. One day my little guy and I went on a 6.8km bike ride and got 14 caches and Angelcheeks, my little guy, and I rode 11.8km the next day and got 24 caches.
My little guy and I went out one sunny afternoon for a nice little walk to grab some caches in the Port Coquitlam area, one was a Puzzle cache called SEARCH and RESCUE. It was more of a multi as you had to visit 3 different waypoints to get the co-ords for the final spot. After we visited all three waypoints and had all the info, I put the co-ords into my GPS'r and started heading to it. As we approached the area, I thought that's weird that its near the same spot as another cache we got at the entrance on the way into the park. Then I noticed I had hit the button for the co-ords of that cache. Oooops, had to turn around and head back into the park, oh well!!! We still had fun.

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Caching A to Z!!!

I started a new challenge cache on Feb 6th called Puzzle Masters Challenge: Alphabet Soup, where you have to state your intention with a log, to do the challenge and start from that point on, unlike most challenges where you can use your past caches. The challenge is to Find and log 13 puzzle caches and 13 traditional caches.....each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. The other day my little guy and I went out and got three caches that I needed to almost finish up the challenge. I still needed caches that started with the letters "Y, U' and K." They were all in the same area so it was relatively easy to grab all three. Today(April 20th) I only needed one more cache for the challenge cache. I needed a puzzle that started with a specific letter. The cache "Gotta Cache Em All!" was the closest to me.
I had completed this puzzle some time back, and as I had a day off, I thought I would go for a bike ride and grab this one. I came in from the opposite end of the trail down at the other end of the trail. Was not sure if I was gonna get there with my bike, as it was rough terrain and all uphill. I had to walk most of the way, and was not even sure if I was on the right trail. But I did not give up and have now completed another challenge!!!

Another Magic Competition

I competed recently in another magic competition called A.C.E. which stands for Awesome Children's Entertainer. This competition was for the "Children's Magician of the Year" award.

There was several great acts but as you can see by the pic, I came out on top. It was a great turnout at Jesse Lee Elementary school of about 100 kids, parents, and teachers. They were very thrilled as there was 9 of us magicians performing, and they got an awesome show.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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