Sunday, 28 June 2015

Caching souvenir's and Magic Awards

Geocaching Road Trip

Geocaching headquarters or Groundspeak as it is also known is always striving to put little extras into this game so people are able to elevate their fun to another level. This month they started a series of geocaching souvenir's called "Geocaching Road Trip"
The fun part comes when you have to decide what caches to get and when over the next three months to receive your different souvenir's. Each one is setup so you must do a different task for each.

Jun 19 - Sept 02 - Find a geocache with 10+ favorite points
July 03 - Sept 02 - Attend a geocaching event

July 17 - Sept 02 - Find a D5 or T5 cache
July 31 - Sept 02 - Find an Earthcache or attend a CITO
Aug 14 - Sept 02 - Find a mystery cache
Aug 14 - Sept 02 - (Special Reward) Collect all other Souvenirs before Sept 2nd

So far I have received the first one for finding a cache with 10 or more favorite points.
 It was a multi cache and you had to get info from a mural to get the co-ordinates for the final. Last month (before the road trip event started) I got a challenge cache, and when a caching friend saw I had logged it, he said if I had waited to find it in the middle of August I would have gotten three of the souvenir's for the one cache called "365 Shades of a Geocache Challenge". It was a puzzle cache with 10 plus favorites, and a Difficult level of 5. LOL!!! I have already decided on a T5 cache(or a few), an Earthcache, and a Mystery cache to get during the right dates.

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Magic Awards

So, I just recently won some more awards for my magic. A couple of competitions, and a couple of awards voted by my peers.
I recently got awarded the F.V.M.C. Variety Magician of the year, Childrens Entertainer of the Year, Showmanship award, and Creativity award, and that was just during one weekend....whew!!!

Creativity Award with
Mike Norden
Variety Magic Award with
Tony Chris (MC)

Showmanship Award with
Mike Norden
Children's Entertainer of the Year
with Mike Norden (MC)








I really enjoy competing as it helps me get creative and work on performing new things. The next competition I will compete in will be in November at P.C.A.M. (Pacific Coast Association of Magicians)

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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