Saturday, 10 January 2015

What a great start to a New Year!!!

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Lots of great magic, and some caching as well so far in 2015!!!

To start off the year I got an FTF on a puzzle cache on New Years Day. It was a cool on site puzzle. Once you got to the cache, the hard part was retrieving it. I love puzzles of this kind, and had the cache in hand in about 5-8minutes.(I should have timed myself, as it sounds as if most others are taking 10-20 mins for the puzzle) Maybe I will go back when my wife wants to do it, and I will time myself. lol


On January 4th the I.B.M. (International Brotherhood of Magicians) was hosting a FREE 6hr Magic JAM(Just About Magic) for any member of the I.B.M.
It was attended by about 80 magicians from Victoria, Vancouver, and from the states.
It was an awesome event with 4 lectures, lots of story's, lots of magic sharing, a stage show, and a TON of FUN!!!

Keep calm and Perform Magic

Fraser Valley Magic Circle

We had our close up competition out in the Fraser Valley last night. It was the first competition of the year for me and as you can see by the photo I tied for first place with my good friend Trent. A nice way to kick of 2015!!! Thanx Rick Mearns for the awesome photo!!
FVMC Close up winners Chris Yuill and Trent Tinney
Photo by Rick Mearns Photography
Next weekend is the Victoria Magic Circle Annual Banquet, but more about that in my next blog.

Caching stats

Another caching friend and fellow blogger Brett Taylor of The GO! Team, had mentioned he was trying to fill in his Difficulty/Terrain grid
I have been wanting to complete mine ever since I completed my caching calendar a couple years ago. I have 24 spots that I need to fill.

Difficulty/Terrain Grid

As you can see on my D/T grid I still have several different combinations to get to fill it in.

Caching stats and info for 2014:

- I Cached in Florida, Illinois, Washington, Alberta, and of course British Columbia.
- I got 2 caches on the same day over 4500kms apart, and 2 different countries. Very cool!!!
- I found a total of 299 caches (big difference from last year when I got 1051)
- I got 11 souvenir's(Virtual artwork for different achievement's)
- I got 19 FTF's(First to Finds) (Big difference from 2010 when I got 112 FTF's)
- I found 1 moving cache, this was the 4th one I've found so far (a moving cache is a cache that is to be moved when found, although not allowed anymore, there is still some out there that have been grandfathered)
- I did 6 challenge caches (You must do certain requirements before being allowed to log this type of cache)

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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