Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cool caches

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Chicago trip:

Had to fly to Chicago for a training seminar recently, and was able to also grab a few cool caches while there. Even had 3 muggles come search with me and they were quite excited to see how to cache, and what it really was all about. (Found out later, one of them has a geocaching acct, but does not cache lots)
One of the caches that we visited while there was a Virtual cache know as "The Bean"
It is made of 110 tonnes of stainless steel and looks like a giant kidney bean.

The "Bean" at night

The "Bean" during the day

Chicago Theatre

Some recent caches!!!
This cool cache was called The Chicken Channel"

This guy was guarding the cache "Find the Bunny"

Cool caches

Was recently going thru some geocaching pics, and came across a few cool ones that I liked, so I thought I would share a few with you-Enjoy!!!
Cool Earthcache while on tour
My beautiful wife caching in her wedding dress

I can park here

Fairy hotel
Caching with my friend Brett

Cool tree
YUP....it's there!!!

My little boy with the FTF!!!

On route to the terrain 4 FTF!!!
Climbed up a cliff to get an FTF on a terrain 4
and this was the size of the cache!!!

Cool structure(Earthcache)

Cruising along

Can you see it??

Cool cache in front of Scouts Canada camp

Scouts Canada camp in Roberts Creek

Cache near the sasquatch

Cool cache container(Very tricky, lots of DNF's)
 Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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