Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pumpkins, Halloween Magic competition and challenges!!!

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This month I completed a few geocaching challenges.

"North 49 Degrees Latitude Challenge"
I talked about this one in my last months blog!!

"The UBC ABC Geocachers Challenge"
In order to claim a find on this Challenge Cache, you will need to find a cache by 26 geocachers, with each geocacher's profile name beginning with a different letter.

"The Pyramid Scheme Challenge"
To be able to log the cache you have one calendar month to find a total of 21 caches that form a pyramid. Each row of the pyramid must contain the same cache type. You must find 1 of one type, 2 of a different type, 3 of yet another type and so on. Your pyramid will have 6 levels (21 caches total).
I started on Oct 1st and was done the challenge by Oct 18th. I found the cache and logged it on Oct.19th
I started by thinking I would find, 1 Virtual, 2 Letterbox caches, 3 Earthcaches, 4 Puzzles, 5 Multi's and 6 traditionals. I was having a tough time with multi's(could not find them that easy) So I switched it up and found 5 puzzles and only 4 Multi's

Halloween Magic

This month was also the Vancouver Magic Circle's Halloween competition.

Tip Top & Tootsie Trophy

The TipTop & Tootsie trophy is awarded in recognition of excellence in Halloween Magic by an Adult or Junior Member. One trick or effect of a Halloween Theme must be performed within a 10 minute time limit. The spirit of this competition is to encourage growth in the field of Halloween magic. A favorite of George Patey and Bill Eliason, for whom the trophy is in honour of.

The trophy is named after a pair of aristocrat tramp characters “TipTop & Tootsie” created by Bill and George. The trophy top is a statue given to them by their good friend Doug Henning (Cousin of Magician Doug Henning) and donated by David Wilson, nephew of Bill Eliason. The base was donated by Craig Prystay.

I competed with a pumpkin based act. The pumpkin was produced and a $100 bill was borrowed, lost by putting it into a cauldron of Zombie Virus. It then reappeared inside the pumpkin that I carved in a very strange manner. If you want to see the full routine on youtube, please check out "$100 Pumpkin"


I was in a costume and had a cauldron and a spooky table.

As you can see by the following picture I did quite well.
Winner of "Tip Top & Tootsie"

At the beginning of next month I am heading to Chicago, and I will grab a few caches while there.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill


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