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Caching out of country and Magic banquets


Society of American Magicians Annual Banquet

This year we(5 guys from the Victoria Magic Circle) were chosen to go to Vancouver and put on a show for the S.A.M. annual banquet, and they would return the favour by sending some of their guys to entertain at our banquet. It was a great night and I got to perform with four of my great friends whom I admire. It was a great night with a 9 course Chinese meal, some great close up magic, awards, and stage show.
Thanks again to the organizing committee of S.A.M. for treating us like royalty and for the awesome banquet.


S.A.M. Annual Banquet

Five cool dudes!!!

Victoria Magic Circle Annual Banquet

This years Victoria Magic circle annual banquet would prove to be more awesome than I could have imagined. Even though I am living over on the mainland now I am still a member of the Victoria group. So I did as I usually do and volunteered to do close up again at the banquet as well as this year I volunteered to be stage captain.(Run the sound, help set up the stage, lighting, etc.) I was to meet Eric(the banquet coordinator, and very good friend) I arrived at the venue at 12:45 ready to help set up for the 6pm banquet. Shortly after Eric showed up and we got to work(we have always made a good team) We got all the tables arranged and ready and then the sound and backdrops for the stage showed up.(they were being loaned to us by our good friend Tony from Vancouver)

Doing some close up

The banquet was going as planned and was awesome. Then Eric and VMC President Steve, took the stage for the award ceremonies. This year 2 of our senior members received a lifetime membership with the VMC and they were awarded some cool trophy's. Next up was the Farquhar award which is the VMC's Magician of the year award. 
This trophy was donated to the Victoria Magic Circle in 1985 by Bill Farquhar for presentation annually to the Victoria Magic Circle magician who during the year made an exceptional contribution to meeting the objectives of the Club and whose magic activities outside the Victoria Magic Circle brought credit to magicians and the Art of Magic. Selection for this award will be by vote of members of the VMC in good standing. 
As I sat at the sound booth Eric started to talk about the winner, at one point during his speech I started to get goose bumps. I believe he is talking about me. Then my name is announced...OMG....I could not believe what I just heard. I am still in awe over winning this very prestigious award. I also wish to thank all the VMC members that voted for me.

Eric and Steve present me the award

Victoria Magician of the Year 2013

Caching 400 days in a row

When 2014 rolled around I decided to set the goal from 365 caching days (which I started on Jan.1st/13) in a row to 400 caching days. Glad to say I accomplished this goal. Time to set another goal I guess???

Caching out of town

So far 2014 has been producing quite a few shows for me. The best so far was the show I did in Florida. It was a quick trip across the country and back just for the show, but of course I was able to get some caching in as well. Some really cool caches there, and since I was still doing at least a cache a day I made sure to make time for some cool caches


The first cache I stopped for was listed as a 4.5/2 and from reading the logs it sounded like it was easy to find but difficult to retrieve.
When I arrived at GZ I was in a parking lot at a little barricade island with some trees and bushes on it. In the middle was a metal square tube sticking up from out of the ground. I grabbed my flashlight and looked down it and could see the familiar orange waterproof match container. There was no sticks of any sort nearby. I looked in the rental car thru my stuff to see if there was anything I could use. I could not find anything. There was a store nearby, so I went in as I needed to get some stuff for my show that night anyway. While I was in there I noticed wooden rulers on sale for less than a buck a piece. I bought 5 of them and some duct tape. Outside back at the cache I taped them together, put a rolled up bit of tape on the end and lowered it into the hole. Within seconds I had the cache in hand and quickly signed it.



Very cool trees in Florida

     Can you see the Cache???

I DID!!!!!


Later that evening I performed for a group of 30 CEO's from a very large corporation, with at least one person from every corner of the globe. There was someone there from Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Africa, United States, even a guy from Canada!!! Besides me. lol
It was held at a very nice seafood restaurant.

I had a great show and everyone really enjoyed themselves
Was a quick trip, but had to get home for my next adventure.
I got a cache the morning before I flew back home in Orlando and later that day got one back in Vancouver.
2 caches on the same day over 4500kms apart, and 2 different countries. Very cool!!!

NOTE: The highlighted underlined words in the blog can be clicked on as they are links to other cool stuff!!
See ya next month
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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