Monday, 11 March 2013

Challenges, FTF's, and Magic...oh my!!!


This months blog has a bit of everything in it. We (Angelcheeks and I) are still on track with the commitment we made at the beginning of the year to get at least a cache a day for 2013. As of writing this we are at day 70!! Some days are harder than others to grab a cache with other things going on, and rainy or windy weather, but so far we have done quite well. I have recently learned there is a challenge cache here in Victoria that we can now go find and log. It is a 50 day challenge, called Challenge 50: Half The Battle!
I also started looking at other cache challenges in case there is some other ones I have completed and found A Baker's Dozen Challenge!
The Challenge is to find one cache on a given day; two caches on another day; three caches on still yet another day and so forth all the way up to finding thirteen caches on a day. They can be done in ANY order and do not need to be on consecutive days.
Checked through my caches on GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to see if I could log this one and found that I still need to find 13 caches on one day, weird that I have a 200 cache day, a 71 cache day, other numerous cache days such as 37, 28, 26, 23 and everything lower than that but NO 13!!!  need to do that soon.

Also as of right now I have 299 FTF's. Need to get one more to hit the 300 mark. A cache got published late last night, and I was not paying attention to my email. Only 400 meters from home as well...ooops!!!

2010 Tony Eng Award
This past month I was fortunate to be asked to share some magic to a group of other magicians at the Victoria Magic Circles Round table meeting. It was a great night, and I always enjoy hanging out with others that share my passion.  We had a very fun night as we bounced a lot of ideas around of what I was teaching.

I was also asked to help judge the Tony Eng close up competition, which I won a couple of years ago. Although there was a lot of great magic, this year the award went to a great routine by one of the younger members, who truly deserved it for his great routine.

The beginning of February meant the release of the HAG(Hide and Go) caches. Over 300 caches were released on Feb 2 on Vancouver Island, and my adventure that day was written about in a previous blog of mine. Then in the beginning of March was the HAG event. At this event cachers are awarded for awesome cache hides and finding the most cache hides and FTF's. Although I had 12 FTF's I did not have enough to take the win...NEXT Year I guess!!! There was a lot of cool prizes, and lots of mingling going on. It was a great event, and I would like to thank Cache Crop and Amandazon for all their hard work putting the HAG together.

Until next blog
Keep on caching!!!
Chris Yuill


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