Monday, 17 September 2012

What to do??

With the closest geocache to get being 140km away and I need to save it until Thanksgiving as I need it to complete the
VLH-11-11-11 Challenge, I decided to head down the highway to do something else today.

I started out this morning thinking I would place a cache up here in the Yukon. I headed to a spot that I had stopped at before on one of my Whitehorse trips that I thought would be an interesting place for a cache. It was about 120km away. On the way there I made several stops to check out the scenery and took lots of pictures. One stop along the highway I noticed something big, brown, and moving off in the distance down near a small river. I was able to get off a few shots with my camera of a couple of moose moving thru the swampy area.
I continued down the Alaska highway marking cool looking spots with my GPSr knowing that I would stop on the way back to check them out.

I had talked to my wife(Angelcheeks) the night before and was telling her about this spot I was heading to, and she suggested that it may be able to be an earthcache. I got to the rest area that I wanted to place a cache at, and upon further investigation I decided I would try to get it published as an Earthcache.

The object of an EarthCache is to learn something about our planet. The reward is the lesson, not the trinkets in the container. Also, many EarthCaches are being developed in places where it is against the law to leave a container, such as in National Parks and at Geological Monuments.

Well, now I still had a fully stocked medium sized lock'n'lock container in my backpack...what to do with it?? Maybe one of the cool spots I marked along the way would prove to be worthy of a cache.
So off I head back towards Watson Lake, stopping at some rest areas and such. One of the places I stop is the Rancheria Falls recreation site.

I check out the area and notice the trail map and decide to grab my backpack and can of bear spray(Bears are everywhere up here) This is the first trip I took where I did not see one.


I head on down the trail which quickly turns into a well maintained boardwalk.

I get to the end and come across the viewpoint area overlooking the falls.
I believe this is a great place to put a cache to bring people here to see this beautiful view.
I take a bunch of photo's, hide the cache just under the viewpoint boardwalk area, mark it with my GPSr and head back towards the parking area.
On the way back to town, I make a few more stops, and take a few more pics. I even stop at the fire hall in Upper Liard to complete a worldwide geocaching challenge. (challenge caches are new to geocaching where you have to take a photo of yourself at a specific place, or doing something specific)
I also submitted a Challenge cache this week as well.
All in all a great ending to the week. This coming week I get to go home to my wife, new baby, and kids. Then we are off to Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, and Kelowna (all within 1 week) but you will have to wait to read that adventure in my next blog.
Keep on Caching!!
Chris Yuill

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