Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Holiday Caching

The title Holiday Caching, does not mean being on holidays and grabbing some caches(although I do that also), what I am talking about is a challenge cache that was published last year in 2011 on Rememberance day, 11th month, 11th day, 11th year. It is called VLH 11-11-11 Challenge
The way to be able to claim this cache and log it, is to find a cache on every BC stat holiday. There is 11 of them in total(Until 2013 when we will have one added)

For the last couple of months, I have been up in the Yukon working. This could make getting caches on a holiday a wee bit tricky. You see the challenge says they have to be BC caches. While I am only about 20km from the border of BC, some of the nearest caches are not so near. There is a couple just across the border(one east of here, and the other west of here) I got one of them when I first came up this way as it was a FTF. The other one I was able to use on Canada day. The next holiday rolled around on BC day. This was a bit tougher as the nearest BC cache now was 130km away from me.
Well after working a full 10hr day, I headed down the hwy.

About 30 minutes down the road, I spotted a family of black bears
along the side of the road. (Mom and 2 cubs)
They allowed me to get some great photos.

A little bit further up the road I spotted this!!! I think he wanted in the house as he was waiting patiently at the front door.

I was a bit worried as the caches last log that I was heading to had a DNF on it, and they said they thought it may have been muggled, plus this was a cache that was 11 years old. When I got to the cache area, I got to look out on a most beautiful lake and mountain view. The drive was most definitely worth it. But wait I still had to find the cache. I got to ground zero, and nothing was to be found. Looked in the area for about 20 minutes and was about to give up. Then I looked again at the hint and read it more carefully this time. Looked at the area and found an area that sounded like it could be there. Viola, there it was!!!

I quickly signed the log book, put everything back the way it was, and stared at the view for a few minutes knowing that I was one more holiday closer to the challenge cache.
I then headed back towards Watson Lake. The trip back was much easier knowing I had aclomplished what I had set out to do.

On the way back to I spotted a grizzly bear along the side of the road. He actually let me get about 5 feet away and was able to snap off a few quick pics before heading back down the road.

Back in Watson Lake, 260km round trip for 1 cache. Was it worth it....YES!!! Next months holiday, I will still be up here and the next closest BC cache is even farther away, oh well, looks like another road trip. Till next blog...keep on caching!!!

Chris Yuill

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