Sunday, 21 June 2020

Weekend Caching

Weekend Caching

Sansue and I went out to find a few caches in Queen Elizabeth Park. We only found 3 in the park, but it took us a few hours of walking around to find all the info that was needed for a Puzzle cache called "Top of the Park"
We also did a multi cache called "Love Locks" which started off at this cool structure of  4 people with umbrella's all made of iron loops, and people have placed locks on them with their names.
The piece is designed by Vancouver artist Bruce Voyce and celebrates the shelter that love brings and the union that it forms. It will support several thousand locks on the skirts of each couple. Keys can be deposited in a box on site and will eventually be recycled or melted down to become part of another sculpture.Love locks are padlocks that romantic partners have traditionally locked to a bridge, gate, or similar public fixture to show their love. Names or initials are typically inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize an unbreakable bond.Many cities are now turning the 100+ year old love locks trend into public art.

Cool structures with lock on them

Some more cool painted rocks we spotted while in the park.

So many cool rocks painted in the forests. It's nice to see them, it always puts a smile on my face.
ufkjenkgilguilguil (That's what this little guy is saying. lol)

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100th Blog Giveaway

The winner of last months 100th Blog swag giveaway was a cacher named Gomphus. I sent him a box full of caching swag with a few unactivated Travel bug tags, 3 unactivated Geocoins, several different pins, a few different cache containers of various sizes, a few of my FTF trading cards, a couple of my Pathtags, some cache labels, a couple of books to stock caches, and a Log roller for those Nano's and Bison tubes, and some other misc. stuff!! Congratulation again Gomphus, I hope you enjoy it all!! Thanx to all the others who replied as well!!

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Magic and Mystery Cache:

I had my newest cache in place and submitted it for review, and the following morning it went live!! How exciting. Looking forward to many people finding it. It can be found here: "Magic and Mystery Cache" I hope it gets lots of Fave points!! Unfortunately it will not get hit lots as Puzzle caches tend to get ignored and are often searched after less.
Check it out if you are in the area!! Next I am gonna make some multi-caches with a magical twist.

Caching with my boy on Saturday

We are still getting out caching on a regular basis and socially distancing ourselves from others. While many are hitting the beach, Oliver and I enjoy walking the trails and caching.
Cool path with the creek winding thru and under it, and winding like slithering snake.

Not a rock, but a painted seashell

My little guy rocking out!!

This rock is smaller than the other one.

Oh but wait, this one hides a cache!! Spoiler alert

In Balance with Nature!!

Lots of these boxes in the wood, they are Bee nesting boxes. Very Cool!!

We found a total of 6 caches, 4 that were traditional's, 1 Letter box cache in which we actually followed the clue instructions instead of just heading to the coordinates, and a puzzle cache I had solved some time back, and it was laying out in the open, but it was being guarded by a huge slug.

Important Message:
GeoWoodstock XVIII, Canada's largest geocaching event is moving to August 28, 2021.⁠
Visit to find out more!
Check out the website at "Geowoodstock" for all upcoming info on the event as well as events leading up to it, and make sure you log your "will attend" at "Event" and register online!!
They are going to have some amazing things, including a really cool Magician doing a couple of shows.....Hmmmm, wonder who that could be??? Make sure you get logged in!!!
PLUS: A-Maze-ing News in the form of a GPS MAZE!
They will have a new Canada themed GPS Adventure Maze in the Fraser Valley as part of GeoWoodstock XVIII and the Pacific Northwest Geocaching Celebration!!
Your Registration is a HUGE Support!

Memory Lane

On one of the many Face Book Geocaching groups I am on, someone asked how many caches should you do before hiding one of your own. The answers varied from 50 to 100 finds before hiding one, because then you have an idea of many hides so you don't make any mistakes. And by then you also learn some of the rules to hiding a cache. I have seen people join geocaching and hide a cache immediately thinking they are helping out. But then when no one is able to find it because of bad Coordinates or a crappy hide it just diminishes the hide, and the player feels bad and then may not play anymore. After reading the comments on this, I was curios as to when did I hide my first cache. I checked GSAK (A program for Data base of caches called Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)
The date of my first hide was April 23/2009. I started caching on September 8/2008, and had found 60 caches before hiding my first cache called "Tricks and Treats"
I placed a rather large Tupperware container filled with magic tricks and some small magic booklets into the woods, on a nice well traveled trail. It was found by 221 cachers before I finally archived it as it had gone missing.

New Souvenir series

Speaking of Memory Lane.....Some new souvenir's are available to get for just getting out and caching!! How awesome is that?? There are 5 in total, which I will work on getting all of them.
What are the five souvenirs I can earn?
  1. First geocache hidden: 10 points
  2. First geocoin: 50 points
  3. First Mega-Event: 100 points
  4. First million geocaches hidden: 150 points
  5. 20 years of geocaching: 200 points
How can I earn points?

So, Oliver and I were out caching one Sunday as it was a beautiful day and we just started looking for a cache and a car drove by and said “there’s a bear coming towards you.”
We ran to our car just as this guy crossed the road and went straight to the spot we were standing moments ago. Oliver was actually standing on the stump you see in front of the Bear!!! Yikes, glad we were warned!!

We decided to not do that cache and moved on down the road to some other ones. lol

 This one was cool that we did (Spoiler)
My boy loves his photo on rocks or stumps. lol

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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