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Hooray 100th BLOG!!!!!

100th BLOG!!!!

Hey all, it's finally here....My 100th blog. Little did I know, that starting a blog on July 18th 2012 would turn into a passion of fun and adventure, and creating a blog every month!! But here we are, 8 years later with 100 Blogs written and published. I must admit, some month's I was unsure of what I would write about, but once I started writing, fresh idea's always came my way. I made a commitment to write something basically every month. I saw many other blogs start strong, and then the writer became bored or busy. Believe me when I say I love being busy, but I always find time to start writing here every chance I get. In fact even some of my blog's, including this one start getting written before the previous blog is published. Some months I don't get out caching much, like back in January when we had that freak snow storm. PS, I live in the Vancouver, BC area and we barely see snow!! I was still able to get a blog out that month!!
A Great Big THANK YOU to all who have enjoyed my blogs and follow me on my adventures!!!

NOTE: The highlighted or underlined words in my blog can be clicked on as they are links to other cool stuff!! Also if you click on any of the pictures they become bigger!!!

Feel free to take this test from the Geocaching Official Blog:
If you are like some, you may have found yourself questioning if this “hobby” of your's is really more than what you are admitting, a geocaching addiction. Maybe you dream about FTF's or see household goods as future TOTT (Tools of the Trade). Trust us, we’re not judging. We’ve put together a list of 15 signs to confirm if your geocaching addiction is real.
  1. You plan all your vacations around geocaching. 
  2. You see untraditional containers and think they would make a great geocache.
  3. You have more than 100 trackables in your collection.
  4. You have multiple geocaching Lists and set as your homepage. 
  5. You spend your free time solving puzzles.
  6. You own multiple tools of the trade, some which include non traditional items like a kayak, ladder, rope, etc.
  7. You can read ROT13 and see the hint without using the decryption key.
  8. You have a dedicated bag for all of your geocaching supplies ready to go so you can find  a cache on a moment’s notice.
  9. You have a personalized stamp for logbooks.
  10. You own a GPS (or even multiple).
  11. All your family and friends know about your “hobby”.
  12. You’ve made a significant detour just to find another geocache.
  13. You have alerts set up for FTF and you have a friendly competition with the other local cachers in your area about who can find it first. 
  14. You walk past places or landmarks and your first thoughts are, “This would be a great place for a geocache.”
  15. You start introducing yourself by your geocaching username.
I identify with most of these but two, I will let you guess which one's!!!

More Puzzle caching

Been working on some more puzzle caches recently, as you can see by my map list, I have quite a few solved. Now I just have to go grab them soon.

Check out this cool pic I took, while grabbing a cache to complete a challenge cache. (I take a lot of pictures while caching) It looks like an Octopus tree grabbing a log.
It was near a cache I needed to add to help complete the "It's My Birthday - Let's Party! Challenge" cache.
The challenge was to find a cache celebrating it's birthday from 1 to 6 ON THE DAY OF ITS BIRTHDAY.
These must be done in order from 1 to 6.
As you can see my requirements according to Project GC were met to complete the challenge and log the cache:
Magicman65 fulfills challenge It's My Birthday - Lets Party! Challenge (GC2GKDF) according to
The requirements have been met!
GC3YWFN - TPT06, hidden 2012-10-17, found 2013-10-17 (age 1 years old)
GC7NW16 - Zeppelin94's Urban Jungle Cache, hidden 2018-04-28, found 2020-04-28 (age 2 years old)
GC74X66 - Oasis in the Heights, hidden 2017-04-30, found 2020-04-30 (age 3 years old)
GC6H1Y8 - Jingle Bell Rock, hidden 2016-05-02, found 2020-05-02 (age 4 years old)
GC5TP9F - new gloucester trail north, hidden 2015-05-02, found 2020-05-02 (age 5 years old)
GC540GN - Sapperton Engineer Series 7: Spock's Home, hidden 2014-05-02, found 2020-05-02 (age 6 years old)
The 1 year old cache, I had found several years ago, but it still is usable for this challenge, as it was found after the challenge cache was published.
The last 5 of the six needed, I found within a weeks time, and the last three for the requirements I got one Saturday morning. The first one that day was about 1 km south of the Challenge Cache, then I headed all the way out to Fort Langley for number 2, then back to Sapperton near New Westminster for the 3rd, and then to the Challenge cache!!! About 110km round trip that day for 4 caches!!

PS: On the right hand side of this webpage is where you can find my YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, links. Please feel free to check them out and follow or subscribe!!!

Important Message:
GeoWoodstock XVIII, Canada's largest geocaching event is moving to August 28, 2021.⁠
Visit to find out more!
Check out the website at "Geowoodstock" for all upcoming info on the event as well as events leading up to it, and make sure you log your "will attend" at "Event" and register online!!
They are going to have some amazing things, including a really cool Magician doing a couple of shows.....Hmmmm, wonder who that could be??? Make sure you get logged in!!!
PLUS: A-Maze-ing News in the form of a GPS MAZE!
They will have a new Canada themed GPS Adventure Maze in the Fraser Valley as part of GeoWoodstock XVIII and the Pacific Northwest Geocaching Celebration!! 
A HUGE thank you to the folks who already purchased a Registration level and to those who purchase one by May 17th!  We want to make our 'early adopters' feel special and so we're coming up with cool names and super perks for you! Register by May 17th, to be part of this elite group. 
All event registrations received to date will be honored for the new date and those participants will be bestowed with the title Charter Member of GeoWoodstock XVIII. The event geocoin you receive in your package will be EXCLUSIVE to Charter Members of GWXVIII. 

New cache soon to be posted!!!

I went out and down a trail close to my place today to find a perfect spot to place a cache. It will be a video cache using magic. It will be submitted for review on the day this blog goes live. I will also be able to use this cache for the Geovlogger's May Geochallenge of the month, as the challenge is to do something from home such as build a cache to be placed later or something of that nature. You can check out the Trailer of my Video cache here: "Magic and Mystery Cache"
I will let you know how it goes, in next months blog. 

We have noticed there has been lots of painted rocks on most of the trails I have been on recently. Very cool, that people are doing this. I have a friend who's granddaughter and her are painting rocks to do the same. She has even given some to a friend who is a long haul trucker, and he is dropping them off in every province he visits. Very cool to see this stuff happening, to brighten peoples moods. 

Well, stay healthy and safe...see you next month....OH, WAIT, the contest to win the Swag!!!!
You didn't think I was gonna forget, did you?? OK, here is what you need to do to win the box of swag, pictured in last months blog. 
100th Blog Swag Giveaway:
Send me an email to with the answers to these questions that can be found in recent blogs:
1. What was the name of my 5000th cache find?
2. How many pathtags do I own? 
3. When did I find the "Original Stash Tribute Plaque" (Exact date)
The first email I receive with the correct answers will get the box of swag mailed to them!! Good Luck!!

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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