Sunday, 17 November 2019

Cool caches

Cool Caches

Recently in the Geocaching blog they published the Top 10 caches in the world that are added to geocachers list's everywhere. The cool thing about the list is 2 of the caches I have already found. There is a few on the list that I will put on my bucket list and grab when I am ever near those locations. you can find the list here: "The Top 10 caches added to Lists"

I have also been looking at other caches that have gotten placed on my "Must Do" list and one of them is called "Smile" Ammo Can in the Woods
It is down in Longview Washington but it is a huge built Ammo Can that you can actually walk into.
Road trip anyone??

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Speaking of Cool Caches last month I did some caches including one called "Rainy Day cache" which was near some cool art on the sidewalk. But you could only see the art when it was wet. I was there on a nice day so I was not able to see the art. I was back near there on a day it was raining so I swung by for a quick look. (It uses special paint that only shows when its wet)

Rainy Day Art!!!

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Disneyland and Hollywood caching

I went to Los Angeles for a quick trip during the long weekend in October, and was able to do a bit of caching while there.
I did a Virtual cache at Disneyland called "Disney's Horseshoe Review"

I also did a cool cache in Hollywood while there called "Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it"

 Can you see it??

Geochallenge of the Month

So almost every month Joshua Johnson "The Geocaching Vlogger" puts out a challenge to do something specific to complete a challenge. It may be as simple as find a certain type of cache or something harder. At the end of the month if you have submitted a video or picture showing that you have completed the challenge, your name goes into a draw for the chance to win some cool geocoins. About a year ago I won the second place coin. In September the challenge was to find a cache while using some form of transportation that you have never used before. Here is the "Video" of me and Oliver completing this challenge. In October the Challenge was to find a cache with a difficulty or Terrain value of 4 or higher. Oliver and I completed this challenge fairly quickly in the month and you can watch the video of that "HERE"
At the beginning of November Joshua did a video to announce the 3 winners for October, and how exciting it was to see that I won 1st place!!! YAY, now I will have 2 Geovlogger coins!!

Speaking of the Geocaching Vlogger, you can sign up to support him and geocaching at his page "The Geocaching Vlogger"
If you support him you get a lot of extras, plus you have access to the geochallenge of the month sooner.

Well that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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