Sunday, 19 August 2018

Souvineer's and Vegas trip

Slaying the Dragon

Recently some new Virtual souvenir's came out for finding up to 100 caches in a months time. 13 in total. I decided I would shoot for 50 caches, and would get all but one souvineer. I was 8 short of the 50 goal I had set by the last day. So I went on a bike ride after work one evening down the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail. It was nice to get out and get some fresh air. Just grabbing enough caches to get my Dragon Souvenir. If you read my last months Blog you will see what happened the last time I went for a bike ride. lol, always an adventure!!!
On this bike trip my front tire started getting low, after about 3 caches, and many times I thought about turning back and then kept saying, no I will get just one more. lol. by the 8th cache the tire was flat, and I thought, made it, got the Dragon!!!! Oh crap gotta pedal back with a flat. lol

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So I headed to Las Vegas for Magic Live again this year on August 2nd, and it was just part of my magical trip. I also headed to Bakersfield, California, and then off to Hollywood California. Most of the trip will be for magic conventions and Magic related fun, but I was sure I would find some time to grab some select caches along the way.

Here is a recap of my trip:
Day 1 (Aug. 2nd)
Drive to Bellingham, and flew to Las Vegas. Went out to a Magic show that evening.
Didn't do any caches!!

Day 2
Went to the strip and a cirque du soleil show in the evening
No Caches!!

Day 3
Went to 2 magic shows on the strip
Checked into registration for the convention
Had the FVMC Magic Live Party
No caching!!

Day 4
Went to the Stratosphere to do the Skyjump (Click on the link to see the video)

Later that evening was the Magic Live kick off!!
Still NO Caches!!

Day 7
Last day in Vegas, finally grabbed a cache....YAY!!! It was just a simple micro, but I was glad to get one before leaving Las Vegas.

Day 8
Traveled to Bakersfield, California, and stopped in Baker at the Alien Store, where I was able to grab a cache.
Also grabbed a virtual in the town of Boron, CA

Day 9
Today I got up early and went out to get 2 traditional caches and 2 Virtual caches. One of the traditional caches was inside a restaurant. Pretty Cool!!
 Later in the afternoon when we had a break from the PCAM Magic convention I went and grabbed another virtual with some other magicians including a magician/cacher friend Brian(razemania) from California.

Day 10
Got up early today and went and did the nearby Wherigo at Centennial Plaza where they had some cool art work and sculptures, in Bakersfield.

Day 11
We traveled to Hollywood,
today and although I would not do anymore caches on this trip we still had some fun and adventure as we went to the Magic Castle twice while here.

Day 12
Went to Universal Studios today for some fun and adventure!!

 A cool time exploring at Hogwarts!! (Loved this place) Lots of cool things to do and see.

 A huge direction compass at Universal Studios.

 All fun times must come to an end and today we Fly home, but we made a quick trip to Santee Alley, in the Fashion District, where I purchased a couple of new suit jackets.

Well, that's it for this month,
Keep on caching!!
Chris Yuill

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