Saturday, 12 December 2015

10,000 page views!!!

So just recently I noticed my blog page had hit 10,000 page views. It was weird that the day I looked at it, it was exactly 10,000. A great big thanx to all my followers and to all who read my blog on a monthly basis.

Tree caches

I have recently grabbed some more tree caches, just for a bit of a challenge. They are always fun and I get a bit of exercise.
Up I go!!!

Yup, it's up there

Hanging out in a tree!

New west whereigo

Cool bench

Did another whereigo cache with angelcheeks and close up Matt in the New Westminster Quay. It was their first wherigo, and we saw a lot of interesting things while there.

A recent FTF, can you see it??

Magic Convention and caching

Went to Chilliwack for a magic convention this month, and was able to get out in the mornings for a few caches with my good friend and fellow magician Close Up Matt. We even took a newbie with us, and I think he may start caching. Not only did I find a few caches while here for the convention but I also found this:
 This is an "Anything is Possible" Bottle.
A fellow magician, Jamie D. Grant, makes these and places them out somewhere at Magic conventions and elsewhere for his twitter followers to find. He will tweet a pic like the one shown here and wait for someone to come find it. I got the tweet and noticed the pic with the Christmas tree in the background and knew it was in the lobby of the convention hotel. I missed out on about 3 or 4 of these bottles in Vegas at Magic Live, but I did not miss this one. It is now proudly displayed on my Magic bookshelf at home!!!

Caching in December

Headed to Vernon and Kamloops to do some shows and was able to grab several caches on route as well as while there. Had a chance to get some challenge caches as well.

A Cool Earthcache in Kamloops

Look out for Turtles. This was the entrance to the resort I stayed at in Kamloops where I would perform for a bunch of realtors.

This was a challenge cache that was in the parking lot of my hotel room in Vernon, and it was actually a bit challenging for me to find. I kept looking in the tree and a nearby shrub, but was not having any success. It was only when I stepped back and just looked when I realized where it was. Can you see it??

Hmmmm, could it be

Spoiler alert!!!

finally got to sign it. Now to see if I qualify for the challenge, so I can log it. lol

 Some cool caches along the way

Google hangout interview

Some time back I was interviewed by "Ultimate Caching Quests", a group of dedicated cachers that chat about all that is caching on a live internet broadcast every week. I had fun doing it and they even asked me back at some time to guest host the show. They asked me a wide range of questions from my position as VP on the B.C.G.A. As well as my beginning into caching and my magical capabilities as well. Check them out live every Sunday at 10am. It was aired on Google hangout, if you wish to check it out on youtube  "Click here"

Some comments on the show:

Hello MagicMan65! Great interview! Very good show with lots of interesting stories, tips and advice. I really like the group-geocaching hike notice idea. I'm going to message a few local cachers to see if they'd also be interested. Thanks for the great show!

Too funny on your laughing doves in the back ground, anytime I try to vlog in the house my parrot does the same thing. Sometimes she competes with me. LOL

-In my opinion this is the best UCQ Hangout show yet! -Creating new notifications is a must when traveling to new areas. -Thanks for the shout out to globaltreckers(myself) and quadsinthemudd as we had a hoot completing the "blindfolded cacher" challenge.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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