Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Caching with friends and Cool sights

I love caching not only for the finds and the people that you meet, but also for the cool places it takes you to, or even the travels to the cache. I happened to see some very cool things while out caching in the past little while.

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Iron Man

Happy Man
 These are some of the interesting things you get to see when you are out grabbing some geocaches.

There was nothing on the other side of this gate.
Private Entrance??
 Does this look like the Canadians on South Park

 Blue Heron
 Not quite sure what this is, it's not a nest, it is the tree!!
 This was the stop for water back in the 20's(see plaque below)

Cool rock formations

The ocean is quite close as well!!

                                                                 Homemade Wind Chimes
 Last time I saw this many gnomes was up north!!

                                                                         I learned something!!

                 Centipede on the move
 Fuzzy Tree

                Crooked Tree

 Cabin in the woods

Holly likes to be risky as can be seen in these two pics!!! LOL

Can you see the cache? She is good at caching


Recently, besides continuing our cache a day challenge, we (Jenna and I) also completed the tasks for the  "All seasons caching challenge" so we made a trip out to Goldstream park to find and log it. We ended up going in the long route and our first obstacle was the set of stairs we had to go up. There was at least 200 stairs leading to the top.
 There was a lot of stairs!!!

Caching with a friend

This month I got to go caching with a good friend and fellow blogger, ShadowcasterCDN of The GO! Team. We did a big loop of caches in East Sooke Park with some pretty hilly terrain(terrain 3 caches)
The Dead End
The majority of the caches on this trail were micros with some regular sized caches spread in as well. Although I am not a big fan of micros in the woods, most were right on the trail and well marked and easy to find.
We found many caches(26 in total) and had several topics of conversation, while out on the trail from caching to his upcoming wedding. We traveled around 10-12km and it took us about 5 ½ hrs.
We (Angelcheeks, ShadowcasterCDN, and I) went out the next day also for several caches and then ended up back at our place for a BBQ.
It was an awesome couple days of caching. I have always liked caching with others or group hikes.

Also this month in 2011 was our 200 cache day that Jenna and I did in 12 1/2hrs. Hmmm, I think its soon time to beat that record. I'm sure she will be game. lol
Next month we are helping organize and run the geo booth at the Courtenay Fish and Game. Should be a lot of fun as I will also see some of the people I used to cache with when we lived up that way.
Also the BCGA AGM is this coming weekend, I will not be attending but I will be maintaining my position as Vice President for another term.
Until next blog
Keep on caching!!!
Chris Yuill


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