Monday, 31 December 2012

Goodbye 2012...Hello 2013!!!!

Before the clock says midnight and rings in a new year,
I wanted to reminisce about 2012 and what a great year it was. Many great things happened through out the year, but I will just touch on a few of the more memorable ones.

Through the year I competed in several magic competitions such as the Ray Parker Unopened Deck Challenge challenge, which I won,
Ray Parker and I
 The Tony Eng close up award which I did not win this year but did last year, and The Mirth and Magic Comedy Magic award which I did not win, but there is always next year ;-)

I was voted in as the Vice President of the Victoria Magic Circle

I was nominated and won Geocacher of the Month, and was voted in again as B.C.G.A. Vice president.

I was on the committee and one of the sponsors for the Island Spirit Mega Event event,
and the committee for the Three of Clubs Magic convention

I travelled up to the Yukon and got to see a lot of awesome scenery and wildlife.

We also moved back down to Victoria from Courtenay, and will miss our friends up that way, but look forward to making many more in our new home.

But best of all was the package that the stork delivered(actually it was the nurse not the stork) on July 26th 
Jenna and Oliver
I am looking forward to 2013 and what it has to offer, and wish all the best for the New Year to all my family and friends!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Till next year
Chris Yuill

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  1. It was a great year and there were a lot of blessings. May 2013bring great success for you, Jenna and the kids. We do miss you both. Hopefully we can get together soon.
    Take care and love ya


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