Sunday, 18 September 2016

souvenir's and blogging

This month's blog is about Groundspeaks newest souvenir's

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This past little while, here at home and while I was down in the states I was able to grab several different cache souvenir's within one months time.

The Mission GC caches

These unique puzzles were designed to challenge cachers to figure out the answer to a puzzle to gain access to information on what to do to get the latest of these souvenir's. The First was a puzzle using licence plates with a combination of letters and numbers to figure out a password, that you entered into a webpage to receive info on what to find. The first challenge was to find a cache on a specific weekend that had 10 or more favorite points on it.
July 30th

Then while I was down in the states for the 2 Magic Conventions, I popped over the border from Vegas to grab a cache in Arizona and get another State Souvenir.
  Aug 11th

The second Mission GC souvenir was given after doing a maze puzzle to decode a password so it could be entered into the website and receive info that you needed to get a multi cache on a specific weekend to obtain the following souvenir. Weird that I tried last week for a multi with no luck, but this time it was an easy multi.
 Aug 13th

The day after I got back home from my Magical trip, it was International Geocaching day. Today it was just a simple matter of grabbing any kind of cache to obtain it.
Aug 20th

The last of three Mission GC souvenir's given for finding a puzzle cache after doing an online puzzle with pictures of the Groundspeak staff holding their arms in weird positions. I knew immediately that they were signaling using Semaphore. I was able to claim this souvenir that you see below.

Aug 27th

As a bonus for completing all three Mission GC challenges, I was rewarded an extra souvenir that you see here.
 Aug 27th

Bringing my total souvenir count up to 91. Next month on October 9th it's International Earthcache day and another souvenir is being given for getting an earthcache.  

I was looking at my blog and other blogs that I follow, as well as some that I peek in on from time to time. I noticed that I have been very consistently putting out a new blog every month since I started blogging back in July of 2012, and I had a total of 10 blogs that year, even though I started mid year. In 2013 I published 14 of my blogs, 2014 there were 12 blogs written, 2015 was also 12, and in 2016 so far this blog is number 9 for the year. Also I have seen and read many blogs that are all negative, and whining about caching and other things. I feel a blog should be about fun things and interesting to read as well as make the reader feel good after reading it. I am very proud that I have been able to get a blog a month out on a consistent basis and write about things that hopefully help inspire cachers, other bloggers, or even those who just like to read my blog. I like my blog, and I hope you like it to!!! Please feel free to comment on here or shoot me a PM or an email at!! Let me know how you feel, or if there is anything you would like me to change, or write about.

Well that's it for this month
Keep on caching
Chris Yuill

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